Custom Price Publishing


Over the counter doesn't have to mean over the phone

Manual processes are expensive, cumbersome, and result in greater risk of errors. Along the physical commodity supply chain there are several points of communication still handled person to person.

Firms need to disseminate pricing for a wide variety of products and custom contracts to their market participants. Firms, hedge desks, and risk managers must record and manage private transactions.


Digital efficiency and modern tools

CQG offers an end-to-end solution for hedge management that includes custom contract creation and price dissemination per user or group. Offering custom products on a front end screen increases transparency, and streamlines the order and risk management process. Our tools provide advantages for everyone along the supply chain; from mobile apps for viewing custom contracts to custom contract creation and custom pricing per user or group, CQG's custom contract trading capabilities make it easier than ever to manage your commercial operation.

How it works

Custom Contract and Price Publishing

Custom Price Publishing diagram

Block Exchange, RFQs and Response


Big size doesn't have to be a big headache

Large market participants need to be able to move big volume without moving the market, ergo block trades. Exchanges need a way to facilitate block trades from large participants in an efficient, digital method.


CQG's Block Exchange Engine

CQG built an anonymous RFQ and response system for custom block trades. We reduce the risk of over-exposure for market participants and give them a way to post and respond to RFQ's for block quantities away from the exchange's central limit order book. CQG's matching core facilitates the blocks and allows counterparties to be aware of their trade before the filled orders are posted to the exchange market data feed, giving them more anonymity and flexibility to trade more volume.

How it works

CQG's Block Exchange Engine

CQG Block Exchange

Publish Proprietary Data

Do you have data you would like to publish? Contact CQG for details to connect your data source to CQG's data feed.

  • Publish data to CQG customers
  • Publish your proprietary data to specific groups or locations
  • Publish internally within your organization
  • Index calculation

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