CQG Spreader
A Competitive Edge

This sophisticated order management and ultra-low-latency trade execution interface routes orders to the CQG Spreader Core, our co-located exchange servers. The CQG Spreader Core uses proprietary algorithms to manage your orders, allowing for modification and execution of the synthetic spread leg orders to occur in less than one millisecond.

CQG Spreader Features

  • Set up spreads and strips with up to forty legs and actively quote up to ten legs
  • Configure leg ratios, scale, order management, and legging risk
  • Prioritize leg placement
  • Easily identify spreads strips and their legs with DOMTrader® and order color-coding
  • Manage cross-account spread trading
  • Set up monitored leg orders using bid and ask queue volume conditions
  • Manage risk with overfill management
  • Trade ratio spreads with proportional execution
  • Manage placement with queue holders
  • Trade off net change prices or yield
  • Manage incomplete orders with a pay-up limit or with smart trailing limit orders
  • Use Sniper Mode for near-instantaneous execution and to reduce message counts
  • Use QFormulas to simplify complex strategies
  • Access our full suite of charting and analytics tools
  • Incorporate computer-readable news events into your spread trading strategies
  • Monitor and manage spread activity with Spread Matrix and Spread Pyramid


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