Superior market data visualization

Get a clearer picture of the markets with our extensive chart types, all offering easy-to-use features. More than one hundred studies as well as statistical functions provide sophisticated mathematical analysis. You can write your own custom formulas, create custom spread symbols for charting, and apply conditions on charts.

Advanced trade systems and automated trading

Test your ideas before you trade on them. Our trade system package allows traders to analyze past trading activity and then design and test strategies. The modules for testing trading ideas include Entry Signal Evaluator, Trade System, and Trade System Optimizer.

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Expert-level options analysis

Experienced traders know that to make the most of the options markets, you need sophisticated options analytics to gain an edge. We place powerful analytical modules at your fingertips for that very purpose. Starting with CQG version 2015, you can trade UDS options strategies.

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Analytics Partners

Embedded analytics

We work with reputable partners and distribute studies through CQG platforms. Some partners also use CQG data to power their platforms.

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Excel Integration

CQG Powered Excel Dashboards

Power your Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets using CQG to perform calculations and execute trades. Push data back into CQG to chart it as a study.

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