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Our flagship product continues to evolve, remaining top in the industry for charting, analytics, and trading.

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'Tis the Season
A long awaited feature is finally here on CQG! The Seasonal Study.

Easily visualize seasonal price action and compare the current year to ten previous years of bar data. Perfect for traders interested in ag markets. Preferences allow you to modify which years you want displayed.

For more details about this feature please see the CQG Help file.

End of Day Data

A Look Inside the Book

CQG's new Detailed DOM feature offers full transparency into the Exchange order book by price. See your order's place in the queue and the number of orders ahead and behind.

For more details about this feature please see the CQG Help file.

Detailed DOM


USDA, USDA – WASDE, and CFTC COT data is now available and fully integrated into the industry's best charting and trading front end: CQG Integrated Client.

Gain insight into ag markets and the supply and demand of major crops and livestock. Use COT data to see what major traders are doing.

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For Excel Power Users

Trade directly from Excel with CQG’s XLS Trader Excel Add-in. The Add-in connects Excel to your order routing functionality in CQG IC. You can pull into Excel market and study data using RTD calls, build your own trading model in Excel, and from Excel execute trades. XLS Trader’s has over 70 user defined functions (UDFs) for placing and managing orders.

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End of Day Data

Built-in data that goes all out
End-of-day data for global markets now included

CQG continues to bring real value with global end-of-day day data now included as part of the standard subscription service. Now, you can access end-of-day data from 22 exchanges from around the world!

Gain an edge starting your trading day with insights into how markets in other regions finished out their trading sessions. Perform more sophisticated analysis including tracking correlations between similar markets for finding better trading opportunities.

For more details about this feature please see the CQG Help file.


  • BM&F
  • CBOE
  • CME
  • ICE
  • TMX


  • Borsa Istanbul
  • Borsa Italiana
  • Deutsche Borse
  • DGCX
  • Euronext
  • JSE (No equities)
  • LME
  • LSE
  • Swiss Exchange


  • ASX 24 (Not ASX equities)
  • Hang Seng Indices
  • HKFE
  • OSE
  • TFX
  • TSE

Download this CQG PAC that includes a Quote Spreadsheet Version 2 with the top three traded symbols from each of the exchanges, as well as links to a daily and a weekly chart.

End of Day Data

Fastmarkets AgriCENSUS Data

Maintain a global view of the price structure of the agricultural markets including Barley, Corn, Meals, Soybeans, Vegoils and Wheat through Fastmarkets AgriCENSUS data now available in CQG. Learn more.


The Hueber Report

The Hueber Report was founded in 2002 by ag industry veteran Dan Hueber, a celebrated analyst with over forty years of experience in the grain trade and ag advisory business.

In the CQG News display the “The Hueber Report Daily Comments” is a brief introduction to the latest daily comments and a link to the full article at The Hueber Report web site.

The Hueber Report

CattleFax News

CattleFax is the global leader in industry research, analysis and information on the entire agricultural industry; providing comprehensive, accurate information. Not only does CattleFax know cattle and beef, CattleFax is a single source for market information in agriculture; including grains, energy, protein and trade.

CQG News carries CattleFax Fed Sales data by states, historical basis and end of day commentary.

CattleFax News

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