System Specifications

CQG QTrader

  Recommended Minimum


Intel Core i5 or i7

Operating System

Windows® 10



Hard Drive

7200RPM 500GB SATA 6.0 Gbit/s HDD with 4GB free hard drive space

Video Card

128MB of memory (128 MB per video card if multi-monitor)

System Setting Specifications

Hard drive power-saving features should be disabled.

Internet Access

Wireless Internet connections are not recommended, especially broadband over a WiFi card.

Dial-up is not supported.

All network communications between CQG customers and servers are initiated from the client side. The destination port number at the server side is 2823, CQG's registered port number. CQG also uses a secure connection, port number 443, for authorization purposes.

Monitor Setups

These specifications are appropriate for single- and dual-monitor setups.

If you have three or four monitors, you will need a higher performance processor, video card, and network connection.